Someone Bought a House Identical to the One on the Simpsons


Forget mansions and villas, this real-life Simpsons house deserves to be the property of your dreams. 

In what might be one of the most 90s things to ever have happened, Fox and Pepsi held a competition in 1997 to win a life-size replica of The Simpsons house.

They did a ridiculously true-to-TV job.

The design promises to whisk you off to a cartoon land where you're ageless, need exactly one outfit and can survive pretty much anything. Sounds dreamy.

Kaufman and Broad homebuilders were responsible for bring 765 Evergreen Terrace to life in a 2200-square-foot four-bedroom reconstruction in Nevada. 

After watching more than 100 episodes of the show, they obsessively recreated every detail, including food for Snowball II the cat, "Duff" beer cans and a faux peanut butter and jelly sandwich under Bart's bed. 

Check the photos above for their incredible construction.

In sad moment for Simpsons fans everywhere, competition winner Barbara Howard took cash instead of the house.

She told the Los Angeles Times:

Honey, I'd give my eyeteeth to pick up and move there, but my family being in the shape it's in, I can't.

After being stripped of its Simpsons likeness, it was sold to someone else in 2001. 

One of the pictures above show the house as it looks now, repainted