Conflicting Reports Arise over the Release of Two Aleppo Bishops

April 23, 2013


An association of Middle Eastern Christians on Tuesday said that two Orthodox bishops reportedly kidnapped by rebels in northern Syria have been released, in a statement citing Syrian sources.


The French "Oeuvre d'Orient" association said that the two -- Bishop Yohanna Ibrahim and Bishop Boulos Yaziji, who were seized on Monday -- were already at Saint Elias cathedral in Aleppo.


The Paris-based association, which works to help Middle Eastern Christians, said it was "delighted by the rapid liberation of the two bishops".


But it said more should be done for the release of two priests -- a Greek Orthodox and an Armenian Catholic -- kidnapped for nearly three months.


Moreover, BBC News reported the release of the two clergymen, while Bishop Tony Yazigi told Reuters that the bishops were "on their way to the patriarchy in Aleppo."


On the other hand, the Orthodox Patriarchate announced it did not receive any official information indicating the release of Archbishops Yazigi and Ibrahim.

The Balamand-based Patriarchate said it was not handed any tangible evidence on their release.


Amid conflicting reports, the world will await to see what the next hours would bring concerning this kidnap which sparked global concern.

19 Apr 05:32

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