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People Are Giving Their Cats Pedicures - and Vets Aren't Happy

By (The Independent - Olivia Petter) /September 13, 2017

The Independent - Olivia Petter
Over time, they say that pet owners start to resemble their furry friends - but when you start matching your nails to your cat, you might have taken things a little far.

That's not to say that pampering pet owners are adorning their kitten's claws with actual nail polish (note: this is toxic, do not do this).

Instead, people are buying coloured claw covers for their cats and glueing them onto their paws, making them look as if they've just come fresh out the salon, in true yummy mummy style.

What's next, "cat-accinos"? Almond milk "cat" whites?

Plenty of proud cat-owners have taken to social media to share photographs of themselves and their cat's "matching nails."

From vivid sparkles to innovative nail art, the style options seem as varied for cats as they are for humans.

Though far cheaper than their human counterpart (you can buy claw caps on Amazon for just £8 whereas a gel pedicure typically costs around £30), vets have warned against the practise of "peticures," calling it "grotesque."

Not only is it unnerving seeing tabby cats prancing around with blue claws, it's dangerous too, some may even call it a catastrophe...

Battersea Dogs and Cats Home recently treated a cat whose red claw covers had permanently stuck to its paws.

Staff at the care home had to remove the caps whilst the animal was under general anaesthetic, The Times reports.

"It's extremely cruel to inflict this sort of thing on your cat as it stops them from displaying their natural behaviour," Lindsey Quinlan, head of the cattery, told The Times.

She explained her concerns that the caps could be so easily purchased online and strongly advised against buying them.

Let's hope the nail-painting pet owners don't need any further purr-suasion.

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