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Watch: Huge Sinkhole Swallows Woman's Car Whole

By ( - Lizzie Stromme) /January 11, 2017

0 - Lizzie Stromme

Residents in the Fishtown area of Philadelphia were given a rough start to their day as a 50ft crater opened up in the street.


Two cars were dragged into the massive sinkhole, which also burst the street's water main, leaving the entire neighbourhood without water.


The owner of the Kia, which was swallowed along with another vehicle, was utterly stunned by the sight.


She told local TV station KSBW: "The street ate my car.


"So then I've got no heat and no water and no car? It's not something you would expect to see when you open your front door in a major city."


"I'm kinda in disbelief," another resident said. "But at least it wasn't our house."


It is believed the freezing weather which has swept across most of the US caused the 50ft x 40ft sinkhole to open.


As some residents woke up to find their basements flooded following the burst water main, another local said he heard the street shake.


He said: “I just heard a really like a really loud bang. It startled me, woke me up from my sleep.”


“It sounded like a bunch of snow falling off a roof almost.”


More than 15 households were left without water as the Philadelphia Water Department rushed to repair the pipes.


Luckily, no-one was injured however officials closed the road as it was feared the sinkhole could have left it structurally unsound.


In November, a London street came to a grinding halt as terrified passengers had to be hauled free from their stranded coach after it plunged into a huge sinkhole.


The crater appeared on Lewisham high street, in the south-east of the capital, turning the bustling high street into a torrential flood of dirty water.

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